Attract more (and better) clients. Generate more income. Create true freedom and happiness... both financial and personal.

I help Fitness Entrepreneurs...

Attract More Pre-Sold Clients and Increase Your Income

Using The Simplest, Most Straight-Forward, Predictable, and Powerful Marketing Strategy Available To Your Fitness Business.

Attract more clients, increase your revenue, and become the recognized expert in your community... while having 90% done for you so you don't have to do it yourself.

What if...

... you could attract more clients with less marketing effort (and expense)?

... you could learn to market your fitness services like the top industry leaders?

... transforming your marketing approach could double your client base?

... marketing could become the most fun and rewarding part of your fitness business?

... I told you that you could run Facebook and Google ads for ‘free’ to grow your fitness business?

... I told you 90% of it can be done for you so you don’t have to do it yourself?

... and what if it was all served to you on a silver platter?

Would you be interested?

But this is NOT for you if...

... you like blending in and being one of the many fitness options that all look the same.

... you don't want to attract more clients.

... you like not being seen (nobody knows about you).

... you don't want to make more money.

... you don't want to create the freedom and happiness you originally started your business for.

Are you a fitness entrepreneur looking to elevate your business, attract more clients, and significantly increase your income?

Your book could be the key.

But not just any book—YOUR book.

A powerful tool that showcases your expertise, builds credibility, and opens the doors to endless opportunities.

The question is, how do you unlock its full potential?

No hard credit check. No pre-payment penalty.

Write Your Book. Publish Your Book. Market Your Book.

The Complete Book Publishing AND Marketing Program Designed To Convert Your Book Into A Lead-Generating, Money-Making, Client-Getting Machine…

Predictably and Consistently.

Introducing Fitness Publishing: Your End-to-End Solution

Fitness Publishing is more than just a program. It's a partnership designed to take you from a concept to a published author with a book that works tirelessly for your business. We provide everything you need to write, publish, and market your book effectively.

Here's how we help you make it happen:

  • Write Your Book: We guide you through articulating your knowledge and experiences into compelling content.

  • Edit Your Book: Our team ensures your book is polished, professional, and ready to impress.

  • Design Your Book Cover: Captivate your audience at first glance with a stunning cover.

  • Format Your Book: We take care of all the technical details, making your book look great in any format.

  • Publish Your Book: Step into the spotlight as a published author with your book available worldwide.

But That's Not All...

Once your book is published, the real magic begins.

Then we’ll provide you with the exact tools needed to market your book (to build your fitness business) in a plug & play format…

  • Pre-Built Funnels: Easily convert readers into leads and clients.

  • Pre-Built Automations: Save time with marketing automations tailored for fitness entrepreneurs.

  • Pre-Built Email Sequences: Engage your audience and build lasting relationships with minimal effort.

  • Over 46 Free Book Marketing Tactics: Expand your reach without expanding your budget.

  • Weekly Live Coaching Calls: Get ongoing expert advice and personalized support to maximize your book’s impact.

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue: Get everything you need to turn your book into a profitable recurring revenue stream.

All You Have To Do Is Implement... And Reap The Rewards.

This isn’t just about everything you get with Fitness Publishing. It’s really about achieving what you really want for your fitness business:

  • More Hot Prospects: Attract individuals genuinely interested in the services and products you offer.

  • More New Clients/Members: Convert prospects into loyal clients and members effortlessly.

  • More Net Income: Increase your bottom line and enjoy the financial rewards of your hard work.

  • More Freedom (Financial and Personal): Achieve the lifestyle you've always dreamed of, with the flexibility to work on your terms and the financial freedom to enjoy life's pleasures.

Am I right?

Well, that's exactly what you'll get.

Your book becomes a key asset... if not the key asset... in building a business that not only serves your clients, but also supports your ideal way of living.

Your Book Is The Vehicle. Let's Drive Success To Your Doorstep.

With Fitness Publishing, you're not just publishing a book. You're unlocking a proven system designed to transform your book into a powerful tool for business growth. Whether it's attracting more clients, establishing your authority in the fitness industry, or generating additional income, your book can achieve that—predictably and consistently.

We’re just using your book and this system as the vehicle that drives those hot prospects, new clients/members, and more net income to your doorstep.

Change begins with “what if?”

Innovation starts with “what’s next?”

Let's cut to the chase: you're not here by accident. You're here because you're hungry for more than just the average fitness business. You're here because you're ready to dominate your community as THE fitness authority.

Imagine this: you're not just a coach, you're THE coach. The one everyone in your community knows and talks about, the one who doesn't just follow trends, but sets them. If your veins pump with the thrill of crushing goals and building a fitness empire, then welcome to your new battlefield.

However, let's be clear: this isn't the place for everyone. This isn't a place for the faint-hearted or those content with mediocrity.

It's exclusively crafted for the go-getters, the ones who see potential where others see challenges. If you're content with average and aren't itching to push beyond your limits, this isn't your playground. I'm calling out to those who are ready to invest – in their skills, in their business, and most importantly, in themselves.

I'm talking to the fitness entrepreneurs who know that becoming a Recognized Expert means more than just a title – it's about being a game-changer.

If that's you, if you're ready to elevate your business, attract a flood of clients, and see your net income soar, then welcome aboard. You're not just reading a message; you're stepping into your future.

Ready to turn heads, pack your sessions, and watch your income explode?

Then step up.

This is where your journey shifts gears. This is where you transform from being just another fitness pro to becoming a fitness legend.

Welcome to your transformation.

Welcome to your zenith.

Welcome, to an elite circle of fitness entrepreneurs.

Welcome to the big leagues.

Let's get to work.

Are You Ready To Accelerate Your Fitness Business?

Join Fitness Publishing today and let's turn your book into the ultimate lead-generating, money-making, client-getting machine. Let's embark on this journey together and watch your fitness business soar to new heights.

What People Are Saying About Rick

Justin Yule

Justin Yule - The Transformation Club

"In my extensive career as a fitness professional, I've had the pleasure of meeting and working with many outstanding individuals. But without a doubt, Rick Streb stands a cut above the rest.

Having recently co-authored a book with Rick, I can confidently say that his expertise was the catalyst that transformed our project from a mere concept to a best-selling title on Amazon.

If you're a professional looking to publish your work and achieve best-seller status, I wholeheartedly recommend Rick Streb. His expertise is not just about securing a title on a best-seller list, it's about amplifying your voice, reaching your target audience, and making an impact in your field. Collaborating with Rick doesn't just promise success - it guarantees a transformative journey toward it."


Seth Scrimo - Scrimo Fitness

"I do everything Rick suggests for the exact reason most other fitness business owners don't do them... because they seem too simple. And every simple suggestion he has recommended for me to do has worked... every single time. And when you stack those simple ideas on top of each other, the results have been exponential.

And it all starts with my book. Being an International #1 Best-Selling Author is cool, being recognized as THE go to expert in my community is awesome, and being the fitness expert that major corporations and local media reach out to for advice is overwhelmingly satisfying... but none of it would've happened without Rick's guidance to write, publish, and market my business with my first book.

Here are the highlights of what Rick has made possible for me:

  • I tripled my monthly revenue in about 10 months after my first book launched.

  • I now spend 70% less on marketing to get more than triple the revenue thanks to the book being my primary marketing strategy.

  • My acquisition cost for a lead is extremely cheap since my cost for each book is under $3.

  • Noticeable improvement in the quality of leads, customers, and prospects as they let the book do the pre-selling for them.

  • We were able to get each of my books written, launched, and seeing results in less than 45 days.

My fitness business has gone from floundering to extremely successful ONLY because of writing and publishing my first book. Now leads chase me instead of me chasing them, and when they come to me, they're already pre-sold and ready to pay me for my programs. That NEVER happened before."


Jaime Berggren - JB Fitness

"Being a Best-Selling Author has given me a newfound credibility, authority, and a sense of accomplishment. People in my community look at me completely different now. They now see me as the go-to expert in my field instead of just another trainer.

I've generated 314 qualified leads in just the first month! In the past, I've tried everything and nothing has ever gotten this kind of results for my business!

I plan to continue leveraging my new best-selling author status to attract new prospects and clients who may not have even known about my business before. It's a powerful marketing tool that will continue to help me expand my reach and authority for years to come.

Investing in your business with Rick is not an expense, but rather a smart investment in your success. Just as you expect your clients to invest in their health, investing in your business with Rick is an investment in your growth and prosperity. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!"


Chad Hickam - Hickam Fitness Solutions

"You don't understand how powerful handing your book to someone is until you actually do it. People instantly look at you differently. They respect you more. They listen to what you have to say. All of a sudden they want you to help them, when before they didn't pay attention to you at all. You're important to them. You matter.

That's been my experience since Rick helped me write and publish my book. I was ready to give up and get a 'real job' before Rick turned my life around. He made me commit to just giving one copy of my book away for 30 straight days, and see what happened. In those first 30 days, I ended up with 8 new clients and new hope that I can really grow my business just by using my book. It's been 5 months now, and I went from under $1,000 monthly to over $10,000 per month in recurring revenue... and my only marketing strategy is getting my book in as many people's hands as possible. Nothing I've tried worked as well, and it's so simple!

People who used to turn their nose up at me are now begging me to help them. They look at me completely different all of sudden. Indifference has turned to respect. And it's all directly related to my book.

If you're looking for an easy way to grow your business that actually works, this is it... and everything Rick suggests is so simple to do."


Dr. Stefanie Basso -

"Despite my personal insecurities about writing, Rick's guidance and simplified approach made the process easy and exciting. He was always available and responsive, making me feel valued and supported throughout.

I'm already utilizing my Best-Selling Author status as a powerful lead magnet on my website, attracting my ideal clients and generating income.

He is the real deal, and his guidance will empower you to achieve your writing dreams and elevate your professional brand.

Thank you, Rick, for making my dream a reality and for being an incredible mentor and coach throughout this journey."


Kelsey Dunbar - Complete Health & Fitness

"I believe anyone should work with Rick for one simple reason: he gets things done.

Rick promised I'd become a bestselling author, and now that the project is finished, I'm an International Best-Selling Author, and that has had a massive effect on how prospects and clients perceive me.

He is the easiest person to work with, and his commitment to making things happen is unwavering. He has always told me that he favors people that take action and he is true to his word. If you do that, he will make things happen for you. He has never let me down on that, and I don't believe he ever will.

Also, his customer service approach, which I call Customer Service ++, sets him apart in the industry.

Bottom line: Rick promised a result, and he delivered on it!"


Fred Zoller - Anytime Fitness, Slidell

"I was searching for a powerful and alternative way to spread my fitness message while gaining a competitive edge in my community. Writing a book and becoming a best-selling author is unmatched when it comes to positioning and authority. It's a game-changer when attracting ideal clients and solidifying my position as a leading expert in the industry. It's like a magnet, drawing in my ideal clients to my business and further widening the gap between me and my competitors. It's an invaluable asset for authority building and attracting the right audience.

The process was unbelievably simple and streamlined. All I had to do was outline my thoughts and jot down some notes – and just like that, my chapter was brought to life. It felt like magic, and the end result was a powerful message that resonated with readers. Working with Rick was an incredible experience, it was so simple and so smooth that I honestly felt like he did it all! I just reaped the benefits. 100% of everything was provided for me to make it absolutely seamless.

Writing a book and becoming a best-selling author is unmatched when it comes to positioning and authority and Rick is the perfect partner for making it happen. He makes the process so simple that it doesn’t even feel real.”


Rick Streb

Rick Streb is a 4-time #1 international best-selling author, consultant and coach to Fitness Entrepreneurs looking to target their ideal clients with pinpoint precision.

Hi. I'm Rick Streb, and I help fitness entrepreneurs get more (and better) clients using simple, cost-effective marketing strategies.

I help fitness professionals who want to become THE recognized expert in their community, and create an impactful marketing strategy that positions them as the Category of One, easily attracts their ideal clients, gets more of those clients, generates more income, and creates both financial and personal freedom.

Only when they separate themselves from the pack and establish themselves as THE fitness expert in their community, and gain an unfair advantage over their competition, will they finally have the true freedom and happiness they originally started their business for.

The strategies we use aren't complicated or fancy, but they've been proven to work... over and over again. And at the end of the day, that's what matters, right?

I help fitness entrepreneurs catapult their business by leveraging the power of a book to attract more clients, increase their income, and become the recognized authority in their niche (and help them write it without feeling stuck or overwhelmed.)

Limited spaces available. Get started today!

I help fitness entrepreneurs who want to become THE recognized expert in their community so they become a Category of One to easily attract more and better clients, generate more income, and create both financial and personal freedom.

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